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Update Your Personal Information on Malaysia's PADU Database




In Malaysia, the government's primary database, known as PADU (Pangkalan Data Utama), plays a crucial role in ensuring that citizens have access to government subsidies and financial aid. It serves as a central repository for personal information, and it is important for individuals to keep their details up to date to avoid any potential ineligibility for these benefits. The Malaysian government has now made it possible for citizens to update their information on the PADU database until March 31, 2024.

While there are no penalties for not updating personal information, it is strongly advised that citizens take the necessary steps to ensure that their data is accurate and current. By doing so, they can avoid any potential complications or issues that may arise due to incorrect information.

To update personal details on the PADU database, individuals will need to follow a simple process outlined on the official PADU website. Here are the steps to update your personal information:

1. Register an Account:

  • Visit the PADU website at

  • Look for the registration section and click on the "Register" button.

  • Fill in the required information, such as your full name, identification number, contact details, and email address.

  • Create a secure password for your account.

  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and complete the registration process.

2. Log In to Your Account:

  • Once you have successfully registered, return to the PADU website.

  • Click on the "Log In" button and enter your registered email address and password.

  • Complete the security verification process, if prompted.

3. Update Personal Details:

  • After logging in, you will be directed to your account dashboard.

  • Look for the "Profile" or "Personal Information" section and click on it.

  • Review your existing personal information and make any necessary changes.

  • Update details such as your address, phone number, email address, and any other relevant information.

  • Double-check the accuracy of the information before proceeding.

4. Save Changes:

  • Once you have made the necessary updates, click on the "Save" or "Update" button.

  • The system will prompt you to confirm the changes.

  • Verify that the updated information is correct and click on the "Confirm" button to save the changes.

It is important to note that the PADU website is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making the process of updating personal information as straightforward as possible. However, if you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, there is usually a dedicated support team available to assist you. Look for the contact information provided on the website or reach out to the relevant government department for further guidance.

Updating personal information on the PADU database is a proactive step that ensures your eligibility for government subsidies and financial aid. By keeping your details accurate and up to date, you can avoid any potential issues that may arise due to incorrect information. It is recommended that citizens take advantage of the open window to update their personal information before the deadline of March 31, 2024.

In conclusion, the Malaysian government's initiative to allow citizens to update their personal information on the PADU database is a positive move towards ensuring that individuals have continued access to government subsidies and financial aid. By following the simple steps outlined on the official PADU website, citizens can easily update their personal details and avoid any potential ineligibility due to incorrect data. Take advantage of this opportunity to keep your information accurate and up to date for a smooth and hassle-free experience with government benefits.