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Unveiling Tiny Flies in Your Bathroom? No Need to Panic! Learn a Quick and Effective Method to Swiftly Eradicate Them, Ensuring a Bug-Free Bathroom.




a close up of a metal sink drain
a close up of a metal sink drain

The bathroom at home has been infested with small flies, causing a lot of inconvenience. These small flies emerge from the bathroom's drainage system, so the key to solving the issue lies in cleaning the drain. Here's a simple method to help you effortlessly eliminate the problem of small flies, ensuring they no longer bother your home.

Firstly, open the drain cover and pour a pot of freshly boiled water into it, directing the water towards the drain for a thorough rinse. The amount of boiling water should be around two thousand milliliters. The hot temperature of the boiling water helps soften the grime on the inner walls of the drainage pipes, initiating a basic cleaning process that should be maintained for 15 minutes.

Next, prepare a large bowl and add a scoop of laundry detergent, some household alkali leftover from cooking, a bit of dishwashing liquid, and a few drops of mothball solution. Stir the mixture continuously with chopsticks to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly dissolved. This homemade cleaning solution will not only have excellent cleaning properties but also leave a fresh fragrance.

The second step involves pouring the prepared cleaning solution into the drain, washing away the grime on the inner walls, and killing the small flies and their eggs. After keeping it for 15 minutes, pour a large bowl of boiling water into the drain. Throughout this process, a total of three rounds of boiling water are used, and it's crucial to use water that has just been boiled; otherwise, the effectiveness may be compromised. This ensures the cleaning solution fully covers the entire inner walls of the drain, achieving a thorough cleaning effect.

Using this cleaning method once every two weeks will gradually result in the disappearance of small flies in your home, and any unpleasant odors in the bathroom will also vanish. Additionally, maintaining good ventilation in the bathroom by regularly opening windows and keeping the space dry significantly reduces the likelihood of small flies reappearing. Keeping the bathroom clean and tidy is crucial, as small flies are attracted to damp and malodorous environments. If your home is experiencing a similar issue, give this simple method a try.