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Tips of Safety Raya Celebration

10 tips to return to your hometown for a safe raya celebration



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car on road during daytime
car on road during daytime

Tips before leaving for your hometown

~ Clean the house and dispose of the trash before leaving for your hometown.

~ Pack your bag efficiently to save space and avoid carrying too many items.

~ Check the car's tire pressure, coolant, engine, brake, radiator, wiper water, and other essentials to avoid unwanted problems.

~ Prepare a few packets of Raya money to give to children and relatives.

~ Prepare Raya cookies for your parents, touch n go card, Smart Tag, tissue, power bank, phone charger, handsfree kit, and other essentials.

~ Don't forget to bring your makeup!

~ Make sure all switches and electrical appliances are turned off, and the house is secure.

~ Keep your keys in a safe place, such as a secure key holder for your house and car keys.

~ Make sure all windows are closed and locked.

~ Before leaving the house, inform your neighborhood watch or community leader and let your neighbors know about your return to your hometown.

Tips for driving back to your hometown

~ Before starting your journey, recite a prayer for your safety. Also, intend that our trip is to visit our parents, relatives, and friends during Syawal. Inshallah, our journey will be blessed and protected by HIM.

~ Make sure the car has enough fuel before starting the journey.

~ Make sure you get enough rest before driving back to your hometown.

~ Wear a seat belt before starting the journey.

~ Avoid using your phone while driving unless you're using a hands-free kit.

~ Avoid entering emergency lanes to cut through traffic.

~ Do you want to get fined by the JPJ?

~ Turn up the radio and listen to loud music to avoid getting drowsy.

~ Take a break at any rest area to freshen up and recharge your energy by washing your face or taking a nap.

~ Avoid tailgating other vehicles.

~ Observe the speed limit.

So, if your hometown is far away, make sure to follow these tips. For those celebrating near their homes, hopefully, there will be no problems. However, being alert and careful on the road should always be a priority.

Happy Hari Raya!