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Small tips for lifestyle

In daily life, we often encounter many small problems that can be very troublesome. However, there are many small tips in life that can quickly solve problems.




green potted plants on white wooden shelf
green potted plants on white wooden shelf

Here are 26 practical life tips to make your life and that of your family more convenient.

  1. What to do if you eat something spicy and your eyes start to water

    Drinking water won't help with the spiciness and can even make it worse. The best way to relieve the spiciness is to drink milk.

  2. What to do if your soup is too salty

    If you accidentally add too much salt while making soup, the subtle flavor will be ruined. To fix this, add some potato chunks and boil for a few more minutes. Potatoes absorb salt, so remove them before serving.

  3. How to prevent tofu from breaking apart

    Soft tofu can easily break apart while cooking, but soaking it in salt water for about 30 minutes before cooking can help keep it intact.

  4. How to prevent itchy hands while peeling taro

    Soak your hands in vinegar before peeling taro to prevent itching.

  5. How to remove wax from apples

    If you like eating apples with the skin on, you need to remove the wax first.

    (1)Soak the apple in hot water (the highest temperature that your hand can handle), and the wax will dissolve.

    (2)Then, use toothpaste as a cleaning agent and rinse with water.

  6. How to make rice taste and smell better

    Add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before cooking the rice, or add a few drops of oil while cooking to enhance its flavor and aroma.

  7. How to keep biscuits crispy

    When storing biscuits in a jar, put a piece of sugar inside.

    Sugar absorbs moisture and keeps the biscuits crispy.

  8. What to do if your shoes smell bad

    Sprinkle some baking soda directly into your boots, sneakers, or shoes that tend to become damp or smelly.

    Baking soda absorbs moisture and odors, leaving you with dry and fresh-smelling shoes.

  9. How to remove yellow stains on collars and underarms

    Brush the stain with shampoo or shaving cream and let it sit for 4-5 minutes before washing.

  10. How to keep flowers fresh

    Add a little beer to the vase with the flowers to extend their freshness. Beer contains ethanol, which disinfects and prevents decay. It also provides nutrients to the stems and leaves.

  11. How to sharpen scissors

    Cut a few sheets of aluminum foil with the scissors to sharpen them instantly.

  12. Easily remove labels with a hair dryer

    When buying a gift box for someone, it's often difficult to remove the price tag.

    If you try to remove it with your hands, it can leave dirty marks and make it even harder to remove.

    Instead, try using a hair dryer to blow hot air onto the label for a few seconds before removing it.

    It should come off easily and without leaving any marks!

  13. Unclog a toilet at home

    If your toilet is clogged, try pouring a large bowl of crushed ice (about 1 kg) into the toilet bowl, and then press the flush button.

    The force of the water and ice should be strong enough to remove any blockages without causing any pollution.

  14. Prevent burning sensation when cutting chili peppers

    If you frequently cook with chili peppers, you may find that your hands become very painful and sensitive after cutting them.

    Even wearing disposable plastic gloves doesn't seem to help. To relieve this pain, try washing your hands with toothpaste.

    It works really well!

  15. Keep bananas fresh

    If you love eating bananas, you may worry that they won't last very long and will quickly turn brown and spoil.

    However, if you wrap plastic wrap around the stem of the banana, it can help to prolong its freshness.

  16. Restore old photos

    If your old photos are dirty or worn out, you can use cotton dipped in alcohol to clean them.

    After cleaning, they will look like new.

  17. Cut a perfect century egg

    If you are having trouble cutting a century egg with a knife and the egg yolk sticks to the blade, try heating the knife with boiling water first.

    This will make it easier to cut the egg evenly and beautifully.

    Alternatively, you can use thread to cut the century egg into even pieces without getting any yolk on the knife.

  18. Clean a water dispenser

    If you have a water dispenser at home that has been used for a while, you can remove any buildup by boiling fresh lemons (halved and seeded) inside the dispenser for two to three hours.

  19. Remove musty odors from furniture

    If your drawers, wardrobes, or closets have a musty smell, you can place a bar of soap inside to help remove the odor.

  20. Clean a range hood

    Cleaning the oil tray on your range hood can be difficult.

    To make it easier, pour a small amount of water into the tray before cleaning.

    This will allow the oil to float on top, making it easier to remove.

  21. Preserve a new cutting board

    To keep a new cutting board in good condition, rub cooking oil onto both sides and the edges.

    Let it dry, and repeat the process two to three times. This will make your cutting board more durable.

  22. Fix a stuck zipper

    If your clothing zipper gets stuck or is difficult to move, apply some wax to it, then use a dry cloth to wipe it off.

    This should make it easier to slide the zipper up and down.

  23. Preserve a new hairstyle

    To maintain a new hairstyle, place a smooth silk scarf on your pillow before sleeping.

    This will help prevent your hair from becoming tangled or misshapen.

  24. Restore the elasticity of a sweater collar

    If your sweater's cuffs or collar have lost their elasticity, soak them in hot water for 20 minutes and then let them dry.

    They should regain their elasticity once they are dry.

  25. Make jewelry shine like new

    If your gold jewelry looks dull, try using a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to gently polish it.

    This will make it shiny and new again.

  26. Remove lint from clothes

    If your clothes are covered in lint or other particles, use a sponge that has been soaked in water and then wrung out.