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Conclusion of 2023 V8 Supercars Season for Todd Hazelwood, Supported by Motul




yellow and black porsche 911 on brown field under white clouds during daytime
yellow and black porsche 911 on brown field under white clouds during daytime


After a thrilling and successful 2023 Supercars season, Todd Hazelwood, the talented Australian driver, takes a moment to reflect on his partnership with Motul, the renowned French lubricant company. Throughout the season, Motul's top-of-the-line products played a crucial role in the performance and achievements of the Blanchard Racing Team Ford Mustang GT S650. Despite facing challenges in the second half of the season, Hazelwood expresses his sincere gratitude for Motul's unwavering support and emphasizes the significant performance advantage gained through their partnership.

Motul's Contribution to Success

As Todd Hazelwood looks back on the 2023 Supercars season, he acknowledges the pivotal role that Motul played in the team's accomplishments. Motul's high-quality lubricants and extensive expertise in the field of automotive fluids provided the Blanchard Racing Team with a competitive edge. The Motul-supported Ford Mustang GT S650 consistently demonstrated exceptional performance on the track, thanks to the superior protection and performance provided by Motul's products.

Throughout the season, the Blanchard Racing Team faced various challenges, including intense competition and demanding race conditions. However, the reliability and durability of Motul's lubricants ensured that the team's engine and drivetrain operated at peak efficiency, minimizing the risk of mechanical failures and maximizing their chances of success.

Furthermore, Motul's commitment to continuous innovation and research and development allowed the Blanchard Racing Team to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the automotive industry. By utilizing Motul's cutting-edge lubricants, the team was able to optimize the performance and longevity of their race car, ultimately contributing to their strong performance throughout the season.

Performance Advantage through Partnership

One of the key factors that sets Todd Hazelwood and the Blanchard Racing Team apart is the strategic partnership with Motul. The collaboration between the team and Motul has not only provided them with access to top-of-the-line products but has also allowed for valuable technical support and expertise.

Hazelwood emphasizes that the performance advantage gained through the partnership with Motul cannot be overstated. The team's ability to consistently deliver exceptional results on the track can be attributed, in part, to the superior quality and performance of Motul's lubricants. The partnership has enabled the Blanchard Racing Team to push the limits of their race car and extract maximum performance, giving them a competitive edge against their rivals.

Moreover, the close relationship between Motul and the Blanchard Racing Team has fostered a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. The team has benefited from Motul's extensive knowledge and experience in the field of lubricants, allowing them to optimize their race car's setup and fine-tune its performance. This partnership has not only elevated the team's performance in the 2023 Supercars season but has also set the foundation for future success.

Motul's Diverse Product Range

Beyond the track, Todd Hazelwood expresses his appreciation for Motul's diverse product range. Motul offers a wide variety of lubricants and fluids that cater to different automotive applications. Whether it's karting or working on personal project cars, Motul has a solution for every enthusiast.

Hazelwood highlights the importance of using high-quality lubricants in all aspects of motorsports. From the smallest components to high-performance engines, Motul's products deliver the necessary protection and performance required to excel in any racing discipline. The trust Hazelwood has in Motul's products extends beyond the race car, as he relies on them for his personal passion projects and karting endeavors.

By utilizing Motul's lubricants in various motorsport activities, Hazelwood can experience firsthand the exceptional performance and reliability that Motul consistently delivers. This further reinforces his confidence in the Motul brand and strengthens his partnership with the company.

Looking Ahead

As the 2023 Supercars season comes to a close, Todd Hazelwood and the Blanchard Racing Team are already looking ahead to future challenges and opportunities. The success achieved in the partnership with Motul has set the stage for even greater achievements in the seasons to come.

Hazelwood expresses his excitement for the future and his confidence in the continued support and collaboration with Motul. The partnership has proven to be a winning formula, combining Motul's expertise and high-performance products with the Blanchard Racing Team's skill and determination.

With Motul by their side, Todd Hazelwood and the Blanchard Racing Team are well-equipped to face the upcoming seasons with unwavering confidence and the drive to reach new heights in the world of Supercars racing.


The conclusion of the 2023 V8 Supercars season marks a significant milestone for Todd Hazelwood and the Blanchard Racing Team, supported by Motul. Through their partnership, Motul's top-of-the-line lubricants have played a crucial role in the team's success, providing a performance advantage and ensuring reliability in the face of intense competition and challenging race conditions.

Hazelwood's appreciation for Motul extends beyond the track, as he values the diverse range of products offered by the French lubricant company. From karting to personal project cars, Motul's high-quality lubricants deliver exceptional performance and protection in every motorsport endeavor.

Looking ahead, the partnership between Todd Hazelwood and Motul promises even greater achievements in the seasons to come. With Motul's continuous support and the Blanchard Racing Team's determination, they are poised to make their mark in the world of V8 Supercars racing.